Business Finance Workshop With Certificate

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Finance is a powerful global force and valuation lies at its core. More than likely your next big opportunity will come form a startup or a small business and Finance lies at the core of all business success. Understanding the art of valuation is an integral skill. This class educates on the venture capital landscape and teaches the art of valuation. Concepts include venture capital, pre money value, post money value, NPV calculation and exercises.


History of Venture Capital Part I

Length: 10 minutesAuthor: Startup SaturdaysComplexity: Standard

In order to have an appreciation for venture capital and better maneuverability within the venture capital world, it is integral to have an understanding of where venture capital comes from.

Where to begin

Length: 25 minutesAuthor: Startup SaturdaysComplexity: Standard

The process of valuation begins with the creation of a cash-flow statement. The sales forecast in the cash-flow statement represents the sales strategy. Here we review a cash-flow statement and utilize this cash-flow statement for the calculation of the NPV.