Introduction to Mobile Application Development With Certificate



This class teaches how to make a mobile application using X-Code and Titanium. This class requires no programming background. We have taught this class in San Francisco to individuals from all backgrounds. It is an ideal starting point for anyone interested in making mobile apps or working with someone who will make mobile apps. Taking this class will lay the foundation necessary for future app development.

Management teams have benefited the most from this class because it teaches the framework within which mobile applications are made and having a good understanding of this framework allows for a more optimized results.

If you are interested in starting a mobile application development business, working for a mobile app company, interested in making your own app or if you work with programmers then this class has something of value for you.

Take advantage of the extremely valuable information taught in this class for better achievement of your goals. If you are a programmer and would like to learn Objective-C then this class offers the founding blocks of the language.

Students who complete this class should be able to do more complicated X-Code exercises.

Please install before class:

1. X-Code: This is assuming you have a MAC. If you do not have a MAC then this does not apply to you. If you have a MAC and have already installed an X-Code then you are fine. Otherwise: Please download and install X-code from the following link.


2. NO MAC: If you do not have a MAC then you can sign up for a virtual MAC online.

There are a few services to choose from and signing up is entirely your choice. This is entirely your own choice.


MAC in cloud (they offer a 24 hour free trial)


3. Titanium: Please downloading and install. Also configure the iPhone SDK from within Titanium.

Once you have downloaded and installed Titanium you can run it and it will show you a dashboard. On the Dashboard you will find a Tab called “Get Started”. Click on Get Started and scroll down to see options for configuring the iOS SDK.