Learn to make your own business or personal website



Duration: 2 hours

Access: Lifetime

Consulting: 1/2 hour live online consulting (regularly $125/hour)


There are no words to explain how important this class is. If you are ever going to only take 1 class in web development then this is the class you want to take. WordPress is revolutionary, its a trend setter, its the future, its the stuff that all those developers are using that you are paying to work for you. This is your opportunity to understand this phenomenal technology. You will never see the internet the same way.

Take advantage of this opportunity to change your perspective for life. The internet is the gift of this generation; take advantage of it and don’t let this opportunity go to waste. Knowing WordPress will give you access to one of the strongest tools of our times. Don’t let this opportunity go to waste. What you learn in this class will change your perspective of the internet for ever.

Don’t you want to have better control over your internet experience? Don’t you want to be the master of your own internet destiny? Have you ever found yourself wanting to make a website but didn’t know what to do?

In 100 years from now WordPress will be remembered as one of the most significant achievements of mankind right next to the Moon Landing. WordPress has empowered the individual to have a real presence and a voice on the internet.

With WordPress you make your own website.

WordPress is currently used by The New York Times, CNN, Forbes, Reuters, GM, UPS, Ebay, Sony, Best Buy, The Rolling Stones, Jay-Z, Katy Perry, MP3.com, IZOD, Kineda, StyleWatch, Mashable and Time Magazine just to name a few notable users.

If you have ever felt the slightest bit of impairment as a result of not knowing how to make a website then this right here is your opportunity to shine on and get the skinny on how to make your own website. Take this class and stop paying other programmers to make your websites for you.

  • 10K+ students enrolled

  • Lifetime access (take it at your own convenience)

  • Access to all lectures

  • 1/2 hour live online support (regularly $125/hour)

Class Outline:

1. Installing WordPress

This class teaches how to make a website using wordpress. Users can either install a new WordPress or open an account with WordPress.com. Either ways, the 1st step is to get access to WordPress. Ideally you have setup a hosting account and installed WordPress on your hosting account. You can also use WordPress.com to get started.

2. Theme Selection

After installing or getting access to WordPress, the next step is to select a theme for your website. In this section we learn how to pick a theme and install that theme for use.

3. Customize Options

In this section we learn how to customize the Responsive Theme by Cyber Chimps

4. Integrating Facebook

Every business relies on Facebook for social integration. We learn how to integrate Facebook into our website.

5. Adding Contact Form

We learn how to enable users the ability to contact us through our website.

6. Adding Twitter

Social Media Integration is incomplete without Twitter. We learn how to have a Twitter Widget on our website so that visitors are able to engage with us on Twitter.

7. Change Favicon

A Favicon is integral to a website’s branding. We learn how to change the Favicon of our WordPress website. This way a user can see our logo on the tab.

8. Pages and Posts

We learn how to use Pages and Posts to setup our blog. Both pages and posts are similar in functionality however different in function. Posts are updates to a website while pages serve as menu items. The functionality is interchangeable.