Microsoft Excel Training With Certificate


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Class duration: 8 hours

Microsoft Excel 2011 and 2013 included

About the class:

This is an online video training class. The best way to benefit from this class is to view all the lectures in full screen and sit through all the lectures at least once. All lectures are video lectures.


What is Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft excel is a software that allows its users the ability to find a simple solution to daily data related problems. Excel can be utilized to access most problems in a mathematical spreadsheet format. For example: Let’s say you want to manage your finances. Excel offers a solution by which a user can make a list of expenses and maintain an ongoing log of incurred expenses.

Excel offers a drawing board for daily challenges in a spreadsheet format. Excel allows its users the ability to enter data in a table format. After arranging the data in an excel sheet users are then able to perform calculations on this data for the purpose of data analysis. The type of calculations that needed to be made over hundreds of pages of paper can now be made in a single spreadsheet through Microsoft Excel.


Why learn Microsoft Excel?

There is a very valid and compelling business reason for learning Excel. However more compelling than the business reason is the value excel brings into our personal lives. Excel can serve as a decision making tool as well as a personal life management tool. Management of personal finances becomes significantly easier with the help of Microsoft Excel. Other very common uses of Excel in person life include job application management, weight management, vacation budget management, market analysis and decision analysis. On the business end, excel is essential for all business success. Microsoft Excel lies at the core of all business decision making. The charting feature of excel allows for the representation of data in a colorful format that plays an integral role in business communication. Microsoft Excel is driving Global business decisions in all types of business ranging from large corporations to small privately owned companies. Most all professionals come across Microsoft Excel at some point in their careers.

Who is this class for?

This is a beginner and intermediate level class.

Class Sample – Excel 2013 Fonts and related features

Topics covered in class?

The class covers the layout of the Excel interface. During this process many of the interface features are shown in action. After the interface components are covered, the next part of the class focuses on a few of the key formulas used by Excel and the final part of the class is an example of the utilization of Excel.

Most of the components are covered during the layout overview. The overview shows how each one of these components works independently. The charting feature of excel is studied in detail with 2 chapters dedicated to this feature. The formulas portion of the class covers some of the most widely used Excel formulas.

Best way to learn from this class?

The best way to learn from this class is by revisiting the lectures and watching the lectures in full screen.


A certificate for this class can be earned through the completion of all the modules of the class. Certificate is delivered through email.

Time Commitment?

Students do not need to watch the complete class in a single sitting. Students have the ability to return to lectures and re-visit lectures.

Class Sample – Pivot Table Example from Excel 2013

Class outline:

1. Excel Layout: Standard Tool Bar

Length: 15 minutes

2. Excel Layout: Formatting Toolbar

Length: 15 minutes

3. Excel Layout: Home Tab

Length: 25 minutes

4. Excel Layout: Layout Tab

Length: 18 minutes

5. Excel Layout: Tables Tab

Length: 12 minutes

6. Excel Layout: Charts Tab – Part 1

Length: 20 minutes

7. Excel Layout: Charts Tab – Part 2

Length: 30 minutes

8. Excel Layout: Smart Art, Formulas, Data and Review

Length: 25 minutes

9. Functions: Sum, Average, Max, Min and Count

Length: 70 minutes

10. Functions: Vertical and Horizontal Lookup

Length: 25 minutes

11. Functions: Vertical and Horizontal Lookup with Index

Length: 70 minutes

12. Functions: SumIf and AverageIf

Length: 40 minutes

13. Functions: The IF Statement

Length: 25 minutes

14. Functions: Nested IF Statement

Length: 20 minutes

15. Functions: Vlookup nested inside an if statement

Length: 15 minutes

16. Example: Using excel for managing finances

Length: 62 minutes

17. Excel 2013 – Add Subtract Multiply Divide

Length: 3 minutes

18. 2013 Home Tab Clipboard

Length: 5 minutes

19. 2013 Home Tab Clipboard Copy Paste

Length: 14 minutes

20. 2013 Fonts and related features

Length: 6 minutes

21. Excel 2013 Alignment

Length: 5 minutes

22. Excel 2013 Currency Feature

Length: 8 minutes

23. Excel 2013 Conditional Formatting 1

Length: 12 minutes

24. Excel 2013 Conditional Formatting 2

Length: 6 minutes

25. Excel 2013 Conditional Formatting 3

Length: 9 minutes

26. Excel 2013 Format Table and Cells Features

Length: 10 minutes

27. Excel 2013 Edit Options in Home Tab

Length: 9 minutes

28. Pivot Table

Length: 9 minutes

29. Insert Table and recommended Pivot Table

Length: 6 minutes

30 Excel 2013 Illustrations

Length: 7 minutes