Microsoft PowerPoint Training With Certificate



About the class:

This is a beginner and intermediate level PowerPoint training. knowing PowerPoint is essential for success.

What is Microsoft Powerpoint?

Microsoft Powerpoint is a software that is used for making presentations. This class teaches how to make a Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation. Microsoft Powerpoint is the most commonly used software for the creation of presentations. Knowing how to make a presentation is very valuable in the communication of ideas. Corporations around the World rely on Microsoft Powerpoint for communicating their ideas and messages to mass audiences. At the core of every international meeting lies a Powerpoint Presentation. This class teaches you how to think in Powerpoint. The ability to communicate your ideas to the World is your greatest asset. We are here to show the tools you have access to for achieving this goal.

Why learn Microsoft Powerpoint?

There will be many circumstances throughout your career and personal life when you will have to educate an audience or communicate a message in a formalized manner. Powerpoint is the tool that will allow you to achieve this goal. Powerpoint can be used for communicating ideas of all levels of complexity. It is very commonly utilized by University Professors, Executives and heads of states to make presentations. Whatever your goal may be, knowing Powerpoint will help you achieve your goal.

Who is this class for?

This is a beginner and intermediate level class.

Topics covered in class?

Interface components of Powerpoint are covered. Sample presentations are made to show the functionality of Powerpoint. The features of Powerpoint are implemented on these sample presentations. Most commonly used features of Power Point are highlighted and visited several times throughout the class.